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Jackson Kayaks were featured at the Texas Paddle Sports show by a local dealer Mountain Sports. Bill Anton, from Mountain Sports supported the event with a booth and a crew, so people could test paddle the Jackson Kayak line.

The crew from Mountain Sports are as follows, Josh, Manager of Kayak Section at Mountain Sports, Davis family: Grant (dad), Katy (mom), Josh (older son), and Gavin. My wife and I attended from the Jackson side, to support Mountain Sports, Fishing Classes, and questions around the Jackson line for fishing.

Josh from Mountain Sports, had the following at the event, Cuda, Coosa, Ibis, Riviera, and Journey. The crowds keep everyone busy all day, from test paddling the Jackson kayak line to questions around the kayaks. It was exciting to see the crowds, wanting to try the Jackson Kayaks and all the questions around the fishing side, kept me busy.

Jackson sponsored 2 Basic fishing classes for the event, these were presented by myself. Was surprised at the crowds for the classes. Covered things like safety, the differences in the kayaks, and naturally why the Jackson line is the best!

Was a great turn out for the event would say somewhere between two to three hundred. My wife and I had a great time working with the folks at Mountain Sports and promoting the Jackson Kayaks. Here are a few pictures of the event enjoy.