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After entirely too many hours at work, I decided to play hookie for two days and take a long weekend roadtrip up to Northern California and the Trinity and Scott Drainages. On our trip, we were able to get on two runs which have eluded me for much too long, the North Fork of the Trinity and Kidder Creek. The North Trinity is 14 miles of non-stop class IV-V whitewater at times sandwiched between gorge walls rising hundreds of feet but only a dozen feet across. It was just hard at times to remember to look up and around at the scenery with the focus on the rapids and making up for a late start of the day. Kidder Creek is a local run to Darin McQuoid’s hometown, and as such he has always spoke highly of it. We had low water on it, but even so, the bedrock slides and ledges were fun and a good time was had. We rounded out the trip with the main run on the Scott River as well as one of my Trinity favorites, the East Fork of the Trinity.

River write-ups:

Video from the weekend: