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Alright FINALLY got it  on the water!! The Rockstar that is!! HOLY CRAP
WOW!! I LOVE IT!! Not sure why but my confidence got a boost, was surfing
waves in spots I normally wouldn’t!! even my kayaking buddy was saying how
it changed my confidence level alone!!! I can role it with no issue and
coming from a ZG54 the sitting up position was fine, In fact back deck
I can immediately almost keep my head out of the water!! really no
curve!! The boat does a great job in heavy waves and a fine job on lil
stuff. I can spin easier!! I am soooo comfortable in the boat its silly!!
And last Sunday on the River the Rockstar was just that a Rockstar,
was excited to see it feel it some even wanted to paddle it!! I am talking
complete strangers!!(but then again every paddler is a friend) It was
awesome to pull up to a lunch spot and EVERYBODY is like.. Is that the
Rockstar??! Ha! You have created a fine boat here!! I cant wait to get it
bigger water! The river last weekend was small II to III at best! But a
start for a new boat!
THANK YOU again for all of you support and making an amazing boat.. Like I
said if and when I get that Loop I will send the video your way!! For
Take Care Eric and the Jackson Family!!
A happy Paddler,
Matthew Perna