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I love my Jackson Rogue. It’s the Swiss Army knife of boats. Since purchasing it in March, I’ve paddled whitewater in Arkansas, a 40,000 acre lake and most recently a stretch of the Mississippi River north of Memphis. It’s nimble in fast rivers and tracks fast and straight with the skeg dropped on flat water or slower rivers. I’ve been on several overnight camping trips in the Rogue and it has plenty of storage yet weight in the boat doesn’t compromise handling.

This boat allowed me to experience the Mississippi River like never before. For decades I’ve lived by this beast and now I can utilize this amazing recreation asset at my front door. I can’t wait to get back out there with the barges on the Old Man and camp along the bank, channeling Huck Finn all the way.

Thank you for designing an outstanding crossover boat that perfectly fits my needs and allows me to explore and kayak camp as well as push my fast water experiences. Bravo, Jackson Rogue!