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This year the local north Texas Kayakers, had the annual Spring G2G (Get Together) at Lake Grapevine. This event is for everyone to get together & meet new kayakers in the area and get a chance to test paddle new kayaks from the local dealers. But one of the main things that is accomplished, is to help raise money for HOW (Hero’s on the Water) . Money is needed through out the year to take out military personnel who have been wounded, injured or disabled. If you get a chance please take the time to check out the HOW web site it is amazing what this program does for the military personnel.

The planning for this event starts at the first of the year and this year was organized by Fish Zombie (his blog name on Texas Fishing Forum) he did a excellent job of getting local kayak dealers to participate, found the site location, coordinated activities for all participants and of course set up the tasty fish fry! The featured fried fish, and all the fixings, were prepared by the famous cooks, Robert Turner and Josh Neumeyer. The food was amazing and also want to thank all the people who chipped in and helped at the event, it turned out to be very successful.

Jackson Kayak was represented at the event, by local dealer Dave Holl of Kayak Instruction, he supplied 2 Cuda’s, 2 Coosa’s, 1 Orion and 1 Rogue. Jerry Hamon (Dave’s STAR team), my wife Jackie Palovik, my brother David Palovik and myself worked the Jackson Tent. It was very busy, we had people standing in line to give the Jackson kayak’s a test paddle.

After everyone had a bite to eat we got to hear some of the stories from the military personnel, the stories were touching to say the least, it was nice to hear what Kayak fishing meant to them. One of the wife’s come forward and thanked the group, as it had helped her husband re adjust and put a smile back on his face.

In the end the event had raised over $850.00, this will be used to help do fishing trips over the summer for the military personnel. I personally was glad I had the privilege to be part of the event and to see what it means for this group of individuals. Below are some of the photos of the event, as you can see everyone having a great time.