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Over the May long weekend I decided to get the kids out in the Kayaks in hopes of instilling the same passion for paddling and kayak fishing as I have. My efforts do have some ulterior motives as I can always use more fishing partners and I can’t think of anyone better to share my time on the water with than my own children. I started the day out paddling in a small back bay with my daughter. She learned some basic strokes and other then being a little on the small side for the Coosa she was having a great time. But being nine years old her attention was quickly afforded to some snails she spotted and insisted she take care of them as they were lonely.

My son was up next. He’s enjoyed some paddling in the past and was really looking forward to doing a bit of stand up paddling in the Coosa. We stayed in the same back bay for a while well he got familiar to the stability of the Coosa and practised some of the paddle strokes he had previously learned and in a few quick moments he was standing up and cruising across the water. He’s a convert and quite possibly the newest partner for my kayak fishing adventures. After he spent a little time practising casting while standing we proceeded to head out to the larger reservoir in search of big Pike and Walley.

But that’s another story!

Oh and by the way the snails made the long trip home with us and currently reside in a small ice cream bucket on the kitchen counter. Not lonely anymore I guess.

Stephen Laurie