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My son Ethan got out of school early on Friday and I was there to pick him up with both of our Jackson Cuda’s on top of the Jeep. Our plan was to head to the river and tangle with some magnum long nosed gar in the heat of the day. The water was low when we headed out but the fish were already active and could be seen breaking the surface in our favorite spot. We fished a good while and were about to head home when the siren on the hydro dam sounded to signal a water release. It did not concern us, we have fished this area many times with the water high and we figured today would be no different. The one thing I did not take into account was the low water. With the lake level low, the dam released at full strength and that created a strong suction on the secluded area where we were fishing. The water in the flow was a churned up frenzy that whitewater yakkers would have loved but yak fishermen tend to avoid. I was able to turn my Cuda and paddle from it but Ethan was trying to back paddle and was being pulled quickly toward the flow. I yelled at him to spin his boat and he shot a look of uncertainty in my direction. I yelled again to spin it and he complied. With a quick series of strokes he had spun his Cuda and with just a few feet between him and the churning flow he started gaining ground. In a short stretch he had reached the calmer water and I could see the relief in his face.
The two of us have spent many days together in our small plastic boats. We make pretty good team and have many adventures and memories together. Through the years he has learned to trust me, even if what I say doesn’t make perfect sense. That trust is built one day, one trip, and one experience at a time. Our Jackson Cuda’s have earned our trust the same way, one day, one trip, and one experience at a time. It doesn’t matter if it is a trip across an open salt water bay, an unexpected storm or an underestimated river, our Cuda’s will get us to the adventure and get us home. We count on them trip after trip for comfort, fishability and most of all safety. It is a relationship based on trust, and that trust is earned, not purchased. Thank you Jackson Kayak, live the adventure!