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So after the T’ville Triple crown my plan was to drop Emily off in DC, pick up Dane and head to California. This plan quickly changed over dinner when the word got out that the New River Dries waves might be in. So we packed up the RV and hit the road. A not so quick little 11 hour drive brought us from Terriffville, New Enlgand to Fayettville, West Virginia.

Once there we found out that the New River was actually dropping, and the epic waves of the New River Dries were not going to be high enough for us to surf. We were about a day too late. We quickly started to look around for what else might be running at the time. I was aware of a sweet wave called Surprise Wave located just upstream of the normal gorge run. Though all the locals told us the water was still too high for Surprise Wave, but with nothing else to do we went to check it out anyways.

What a surprise (no pun intended), the wave was in. We lucked out and got a sweet level on the wave, with no one else except Dane, Emily, EJ, Courtney and myself.

It was a super steep wave offering up some great airtime easy to stay on the wave. After a couple hours of surfing and hucking some aerial treats we headed down stream and finished the rest of the New River gorge, which on it’s own is an awesome run.

We finished the day off with a couple beers and some amazing pizza at Pies and Pints. We spent the night in Fayettville then Dane and I packed up again and started the 38-hour drive to California…