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Received my sand colored Big Tuna last week and finally got a chance over the weekend to try it out on the water. 

Unloading at the ramp was a cinch!  I paddled out about 50 yards and went ahead and stood up and paddled the rest of the way to the ICW in the standing position.  I am 6’02” tall and weight around 26o lbs. and I had no trouble at all with the stability of the Big Tuna kayak.

I was surprised at the glide that the kayak had across the water and even though I don’t have a rudder, the kayak tracked really good.  As you know, the ICW (Inter Coastal Waterway) can be filled with boats and crossing can be a timid and dangerous event in a kayak.  I needed to get across and took off, the Big Tuna (despite its size) moved right along and I was across in no time at all.

It didn’t take long to get the skunk off the new kayak and I fought and landing a slot sized redfish.  I saw many other fish (redfish and flounder) chasing bait in a shallow area and the Big Tuna was able to access the skinny water to set up for a good angle to approach these fish.  I landed two nice flounder to add to my tally.


I paddled to other areas with ease and super comfort.  The Big Tuna is roomy and has several areas to keep tackle/ baits.  I used the center bait pod on this trip for extra tackle and a rain jacket. 

The Big Tuna is a keeper and will see much more action in the coming months!

Trey Leggett