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This past Sunday was so awesome!

It was the first time I got to kayak fish in the ocean and I was so happy it was on the Big Tuna!

The Big Tuna ruled!

The day was perfect to get out on the water. Usually along the California Sonoma coast, the wind takes over and brings the fog in, but this day, it was clear,sunny with a slight breeze and fun as heck 5′ swells!

Drew Gregory contacted Craig Davis, a Pro-staffer from Big Hammer Lures and Craig invited us out and brought some of his cool friends too.

Craig hooked us up with everything we needed to catch some beautiful fish, a couple of poles and some great Hammer Heads and some killer hand poured swim baits and we were off for our first Ocean fishing in the Big Tuna experience!

The Big Tuna was so stable, even when I turned around to place my catches in the Tuna Tank and Hitch (our dog) was moving around to get out of the way, we never felt any worry of tipping over. No matter what direction we were pointing, the swells could not make us feel unstable and paddling it was a breeze. Both Marty & I were fishing at the same time, pulling in fish at the same time without any worries, the Big Tuna dominated the Pacific.

Drew was in a Cuda and was cruising quickly with ease, also pulling in fish left and right, everyone had a great, successful day!

Thank you Drew, Craig, Marcos & Jim for taking us out, and thank you beautiful fish for feeding us dinner, we will never forget it!


Forever grateful,


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