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After the long haul west we arrived to low water Buena Vista. A small town in Colorado, with an awesome water park floating throughit. But thanks to a crazy low snow fall during the winter, water levels were low. But we didn’t let this faze us. All the competitors made the most of what we had, and still performed some incredible and high scoring rides.
There were lots of big names here including Claire O’hara, Ruth Gordon-Ebens and Hayley Mills.
Friday was prelims for pro woman and I was stoked to make the finals in 3rd position after scoring the highest point female ride of prelims and a not so high point ride.

After a lot of hanging out and catching up with my west coast friends and some crazy hula-hoop antics around the fire I went off to sleep for a good nights rest in preparation for finals the next day.

Saturday morning, I went down to CKS to help out in the store and also spent some time at the on the water demos. Meeting some really cool people along the way. I was anticipating finals all day, and they ended up being much later than I expected. The day cooled down but the crowd never dispersed. Finals got underway and excitement was high sitting in the eddy next to some of my biggest freestyle idols. I tried my best as with everyone else, scores were becoming greater as each athlete risked more to get that top ride. I didn’t quite manage mine but had an awesome time and still came out 5th, which against the pro woman I’m still proud.
I had an awesome time, now on to the next festival!
See you there!

Courtney Kerin