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Buena Vista Update:

Driving 6+ hours from Green River, I arrived in Buena Vista Sunday night. My
first impression of the park was a little disappointing, due to the extreme lack of
water this year! But luckily the sunshine helped us out and the level went up just
enough for a great event!

Training through out the week was really fun, but frustrating as well‐ the
usual. With unpredictable water levels, figuring the hole out was difficult, but not
unmanageable. I also had the privilege of meeting another junior woman named‐
Rowan Stuart this week! Paddling with this lady was a blast, and I can’t wait for the
rest of tour; I know she’ll be keeping me on my toes!!(:

This week I was given the job ‐from Jeff Campbell‐ as his production
assistant. My job entailed conducting interviews with every kayaker competing in
the pro and junior classes. Just a short bio, which I record with my iPad, then we use
the audio while Jeff is announcing to give the crowd a little background info! I was
also given the privilege of conducting exit interviews with the paddlers, right after
their rides I ask a question or two on how they felt about their ride, or how they feel
about being in the town. It definitely kept me busy all weekend. But I think the
crowd really enjoyed it, and were definitely amused by Jeff’s announcing!!!

Again four women showed up for the BV rodeo; Sage, Anna, Rowan, and
myself. The juniors competed on Saturday, which gave me a slightly better feeling of
preparation considering the water went up. My ride consisted of a right McNasty which
I practiced nonstop all week!‐ Air Loop, right Space Godzilla, and a left Spin,
giving me a score of 290. I was really ecstatic to have my McNasty scored in
competition!!! Coming in second, throwing probably the best Orbit of the
competition, was Rowan Stuart! Third was fellow team member Sage Donnelley, in
fourth was Anna Scherrer.

BV Paddle Fest was a success, even with lower water than were accustomed
to, the paddling was fun, and the competition was very entertaining! I couldn’t believe
the Pro Men were throwing 1,000+ point rides in the feature! I know it made me
want to step up my game!

Thanks to everyone who volunteered or had a hand in organizing and
conducting the event!

Lauren Burros