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Biggest smile ever...

I wrote this poem, that I thought I would share…   As I am here and she is there…


Hi Em,

Your my little baby, grown up so much..

Trying out for the Olympics, and likely to do such..

I don’t really care how you race,

As long as you have a smile on your face!

I love you so much and love what you do,

I love everything about you.

If you do well and things go your way,

Perhaps I’ll be cheering you on in London some day.

If things go awry and your times aren’t enough,

And you don’t get the points, or things get rough.

Remember how lucky you are compared to anyone around.

And how you go for big things, and many you have found.

You don’t always achieve every goal you set.

You don’t always become friends with everyone you have met.

But if anyone can do it, it is certainly you

You should always be proud of everything you do.

Paddle for pleasure- as  you always do…

Race to win because it is fun for you too…



Good luck!