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The JK Zen has only been used at two events so far in this 2012 season for racing, as the season has just begun, but WOW!

The resulta have been amazing already!    Fish Creek Race in Steamboat on Memorial Day, part of the “Paddler Pro Life Inviational” was the debut.    There were two zens in the race, paddled by Nick and Dane.    Nick won, Dane was second, and then Mike Dawson from New Zealand was third. (Mike has won many to extreme races in the past few years)

Yesterday the Teva Mountain Games Opening Event- the Bud Light Steep Creek Championships on Homestake Creek saw similar results with many top racers…

Three out of the top 5 finishers were in the new Zen.    Mike Dawson won (Bliss Stick Tuna), then Dane in the Zen 65 , then Sam Sutton (Bliss Stick Tuna), then Nick in the Zen 75 and then me (EJ) in the Zen 75.

Here are the results:

Here is a video of My run down the Creek with my GoPro Hero 2:


Dane paddled extremely well- and has been looking smooth, fast, and consistent and really is getting to be a top contender in any race he enters.  Nick was also paddling incredibly well, but had a small crash on his first run and could have taken it as well.   Sam Sutton and Mike Dawson are two people you can count on being top contenders and are THE guys to beat when you show up to a race that they are at.  They both have an incredible drive to do well, but are also incredibly talented and consistent.

Today begins the freestyle competition here at the Teva Mountain Games.    Gore Creek is low, but with 4X8 plywood and lots of effort, we managed to channelize the water enough to make a playable feature for the competition.   The Scores won’t likely be as high as in year’s past, but it will be a showing of talent here as well!



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