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Lyons Update

I arrived in Lyons late Tuesday night. After spending a few days training in
Buena Vista beforehand, I was ready to compete! Luckily the organizers of the event
were on top of things and ordered us water from upstream! Making the feature the
best I’ve paddled in all tour! McNasty’s to the right, Space Godzillas, big air Loops,
Splits, and Cartwheels made for an entertaining Junior Women’s class. With Rowan
up first and just throwing down, it definitely set the bar high for me. My first ride
consisted of a righty McNasty, right Space, and an Air Loop, then went for my
cartwheel and split but couldn’t get it quite vertical enough. Up next was Anna
Scherrer who had an awesome ride as well, then Sage surprised us all with pulling
out a Felix! In the end I came out in 2nd to Sage by 20 points. I was still happy with
my rides; scoring a McNasty on every ride. Unfortunatley you just cant win it all, but I
am hoping to kick it up at FIBArk. I am already here training for this weekend!


Big Thank you to Iv Stuart for taking some amazing photos of me and to Matt Donnelly for the awards photo…