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Enjoy these images, shot mostly on Saturday night.  Highlighted is the infamous “Hooligan Race” where ordinary citizens are encouraged to build watercraft that often only marginally float.  They then “race” them down the Arkansas river in front of thousands of screaming fans in a sort of “parade of carnage”.    Always a blast to watch.  See if you can find the photo of Dane leaping from a hooligan in ladies’ underwear 🙂


Freestyle was awesome to be a part of and watch.  I got knocked out of semi-finals after leading prelims.  My first finals as a spectator in about a year.  Almost glad to watch this one, as scores kept going higher and higher until it was all over.  By the end it was Dustin in first, Dane second, EJ thrid, Clay fourth, and Greg P in fifth…What a great weekend!!!!

Live from Denver, CO,

Stephen Wright

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