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It has been a crazy tour so far in the USA.   Starting off in April at the NOC Shootout, the series kicked off at the new hole that was not playable a couple of days before the event   With some effort it became fully playable and offered up all of the hole moves and was “born again” just before the event.    The series didn’t resume until the Green River Event in Utah, (I missed that one for Richmond’s River Rock Festival) and then Lyon’s Outdoor Games in Colorado, followed by FIBARK Festival in Salida last week, and now the Grand Finale is here in Missoula, Montana on Brennan’s Wave.

The USFKA Point Series consists of 5 events and your best 4 events count.   The Final here in Missoula is a mandatory event and counts double.    This means that each athlete’s best two results to date will count towards the final points, along with this event.    That puts a lot of pressure on this final event!  If you look at Dane’s lead so far, he already has 4 event scores and nobody else does (three for everyone else so far in the men’s class).   His first place standing isn’t nearly as secure as it looks.  It will really all shake out based on this event that starts on Wednesday!    For Current point series results click HERE.

This event is on Brennan’s Wave, which is just that, a wave.    NOC was in a fast, challenging hole.    Green River was in a challenging, flushy wave.      Lyon’s was in a very controlled, slow, easy, hole.    FIBARK was in a VERY challenging, shallow, low water hole.     Missoula has the perfect water level this year and it is an easy wave for most moves,w with some hole moves also available.    The scores should be well over 1,000.

We will report on the event as it goes on.  Look for an update after Wednesday’s prelims.     Thursday is the finals and it will be all calculated and the Winners in each class announced!   It is anyone’s game still!

sweet looking wave!