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There is a long story to follow each of the reasons I love to paddle JKs. I know I cannot list them all but I will try to hit a few!

EJ taught me to do enders in the ocean in Costa Rica in 1997. I knew I could learn a lot from him.

I began my freestyle career at 40- EJ just said to learn faster than they 20 year-olds. I love JK way of thinking.

They make kid’s kayaks!

They make pink kayaks! They made a long time dream of mine come true; I always wanted to
paddle kayak pink kayak because pink has been my favorite color since I was 9.

Eric, Kristine, Emily, Dane, KC, & all the dogs! I love paddling for a family and being part of
the JK family.

I love my Hero! Really- it is an amazing boat for Idaho and for self-support.

I paddle JK because of the can do attitude!

JK supports my Dare to Kayak program that introduces kayaking to tons of Idaho kids each year.

They are the best kayaks- of course.

I have included some photos from over the years. It was so fun to reflect on all the places I have traveled as part of JK.