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Low Water Does Not Mean No Water

To make a long story short, basically what the entirety of my summer equates to is either kayaking, hiking, fourteenering, mountain biking, or road biking every single day since I arrived on a snowy May night in Buena Vista, Colorado. Many adventures were had, but there are far too many to recall in this one blogpost.

Here is a very confined synopsis of my summer:

  • Colorado Creek Season (mid-May-June) ***Video Above
  • Race Season (Teva Mountain Games, Little White Race, and North Fork Championship) + waterfall huckin’ ***pictured below
  • Kayak Break (Five Fourteeners in one week)
  • Low Water Colorado (Pine Creek/Numbers, Lake Creek, Bailey, Gore)
  • Tour de CO (Roadbike two passes in two days over 150 miles)
  • Kayak Instruction, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Playboating, and Low Water Colorado Rotation
Jackson Kayak Villain

Metlako -taken by: Matt Baker

Zach Fraysier

Punch Bowl Falls -taken by: Matt Baker

Thanks to Colorado Kayak Supply for being flexible with hours and making this awesome summer possible. Next up is either back to theSoutheast US or Pacific Northwest. Where should I go?