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I was really excited to compete at FIBArk this year, especially considering I had to miss the event last year for the World Championships. My first impression of the feature was a little less than enthusiastic. All of Colorado this year hasn’t been at the usual impressive state due to low water levels. But I must say for what we were given, we definitely made it work. The feature was a small, shallow hole with a tiny foam pile. Not near anything the usual FIBArk competition feature , but once everyone helped out building rock walls upstream to funnel the water, the feature was much more user friendly. The hole was the best it could be with the conditions we had. Thanks to everyone who contributed in forming an awesome play feature for the event!

With four girls we went straight to finals on Saturday morning. I was lucky enough to get seated in last place, and got to watch all my competitors go before me. I was in the lead, then improved my score on my second ride when Rowan Stuart tied with me on her third ride! Which was quite ironic considering Rowan and I had been joking all week saying we were going to tie! But the tiebreaker went to our second rides in which case I took first, Rowan second, and Sage in third! I also competed in slalom and placed first in it as well!

Salida Colorado hosts one of my favorite festivals of the year, and it was great to be back in the town! I probably ate way too much Chinese food while I was there, and also blew through my winnings with a short lived shopping spree (: but both competitions were a blast. Pray for more water next year!!!


Thanks again to IV Stuart for taking some awesome photos of me!