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Good times with my son on our first outing in the Big Tuna. We were on our way to break in the Big Tuna with some Redfish but Mother Nature decided that she didn’t want to cooperate with us and sent us some high winds on this day. Shortly after switching gears I decided that Jacob and I would still get the Big Tuna on the water so we relocated to Jacobs favorite place, the S Lido mangrove tunnels. The Big Tuna handled very well as I navigated through the tunnels. For a large kayak it turns very well and is much easier to paddle than one would think. The live bait tank made the trip much more interesting for Jacob. As we paddled over the flats he was able to catch all kinds of little creatures to keep alive in there. Which were all released live and well at the end of the paddle. This is a perfect kayak for introducing kids to world of kayaking.