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This is a simple way to make a quick fly rod holder for the Coosa and Cuda. Not my idea, but I saw it when looking for plans for a multi rod rack for the Cuda and thought it would work for our boats. I quickly saw how handy and effective they are and best of all they are cheap !
You will need about 14 inches of 1 ¼ PVC pipe , a dremel tool with a cut off wheel and spray paint that is good for plastic surfaces.
Cut a slit in the bottom of the tube, about 5 inches long. This will allow the pipe to squeeze fit into the existing rod holder. On the top of the tube use the cut off wheel to open a gap that is wide enough for the reel seat to get through but not wide enough for the rod handle to go through. It may take a bit of adjustment but I found the right size pretty quick. The one odd one was my 8 weight with a fighting butt, I was able to build a tube for it as well but it was a bit more involved.
These allow the rods to point back and stay out of the way even while casting and it is a very quick way to swap rods if you carry more than one like we usually do. Hope you give this a try, we really like them!