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This was an awesome weekend for kayak fishing in North Texas. On Friday I took the Cuda to Lake Texoma for a little scouting trip to find some carp. That proved to be a bust but while enjoying a nice sandy beach on an island that I paddled to I saw the stripers schooling on top covering several acres of water not too far from me. I jumped back in the Cuda and paddled that way. Armed with my 7wt fly rod I began casting into the schoolies and caught several before they departed to the deep.

The next day I taught a couple of Basic Kayak Fishing classes for Kayak Instruction the local Jackson dealer. Those classes are designed to educate potential kayak anglers on the basics of fishing including tackle, baits, knots, casting, fish identification, and fish habitat. Students are also taught the features and benefits of all of the Jackson Fishing Kayaks as well as basic kayak safety and paddling instruction. After all the “on the bank” instruction students boarded brand new Coosa’s and went on an “on the water” tour with me teaching them how to read water, recognize structure, and how to properly catch and land a fish from a kayak. You find the weirdest things on the water sometimes. A great day was had by all in spite of the excessive Texas heat.