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I may be biased because it is my home town, but the Reno River Festival is one of my most favorite events of the entire year. This year was no exception. . . It was a blast. The event was moved from the middle of May to the middle of June so the water level was a little less, however we are lucky in Reno to have great play spots at just about any level. They also added a super fun dog jumping event.

Let’s start with freestyle prelims. Prelims were on Friday where we re-seeded the women for finals on Sunday. Loops were everywhere and they were big!! Ruth and Devon came out styling. Devon was able throw a bunch of cartwheel ends into 3rd place and Ruth pulled out some huge loops and a McNasty for 1st. I ended up in 2nd place with my highest single ride ever of 430 points and a combined of 600. Then we went to the trampoline gym.

Saturday was another busy day. It started with an open freestyle competition, and I think one ride even included a 10am beer. Next came slalom. I had never attempted slalom before, but thought why not give it a chance. Jumped in a Fun Runner and ended up in 3rd place. Still not sure how. 🙂 Elaine Campbell and Amanda Burnam took 1st and 2nd with some great kayaking.

Freestyle finals were first thing Sunday morning. I had a hard time getting my stuff together, however a felix, cartwheel, huge loop, and huge godzilla in the last 5 seconds of my ride kept me in 2nd. Ruth threw down with mcnasty’s and phonix’s and Devon kept 3rd place with an orbit. SUP slalom was after freestyle. I didn’t have a board, so didn’t compete, but it is on the list for next year. The finale of the Reno River Fest was boatercross. This year there were some obstacles and a couple of 8 ballers. I like my teeth, so didn’t give it 100%, but was so happy to see Elaine and Amanda kick butt against a couple of last minute entries by the kiwi’s. The laughs were never ending.

Until next year. . . Great memories and even more laughter. I LOVE RENO!!!

Signing off from my living room. . . in Reno
Jessica Yurtinus