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One of my favorite places to kayak has to be in Montreal on Lachine. I am super lucky to live fairly close to the amazing wave and was thrilled to be included in a Vermont Paddlers Club trip up to the amazing city and the more amazing wave. The wave itself is pretty cool it is in the middle of the St. Lawrence river with an amazing park and a great ice cream shop by it. The ferry out to the wave can be pretty intimidating because it is somewhat long but once you are out there it is so worth it. One of the things I enjoyed the most was how great it was to practice helixing on since it is so large and retentive. It is also super fun to just spin on, or work on blunts. Which I think I definitely got more blunts then roundhouses in my time out there which was super great. I also got to meet a couple of awesome Vermont paddlers and some quebec ones as well. It was a great day on a great wave in a great city and I can not wait to go back soon. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures because my camera is temporarily broken.


But here is a short GO PRO Video of Team JK there a few years back!