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Pacific NorthWest!

With the low snow pack that most of California got this year, the water began to get low, so we packed up and headed north in search of more water. We drove up the coast, and eventually made our way to Hood River, Oregon. Hood River is definitely one of the best destinations for creek boating that I have ever been to. There are endless runs of all kinds, countless waterfalls, and always people to paddle with. We stayed in the Hood River area for almost two weeks, and didn’t even get off the classics.

My favorite run that we got on was the Little White Salmon. The Little White has everything: continuous boulder gardens, slides, big waves, ledge holes, waterfalls…. etc. It’s got a super easy shuttle, no hikes in/out, and every rapid is runnable, so you don’t even have to get out of your boat.
Some other super fun runs that we got on were the Lower Wind, Eagle Creek,, The farmlands section of the White Salmon, and the middle and lower White Salmon. Overall, the NorthWest was one of the sickest kayaking trips I’ve been on and I can’t wait to go back! Here are some pictures of our trip! I was paddling a Villain S the whole time! See you on the water!

-Hunt Jennings