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Casper, Wyoming

June 23, 2012

I spent the weekend at the Casper Whitewater Park in Casper, Wyoming. The ninth annual Platte-A-Palooza is a great event put on by the Casper Whitewater Club. Robert Grant (Owner of Backcountry Kayak School) was the main organizer of the event. This Event is one to plan into your schedule next year. The Casper Whitewater Park is one of the best man made whitewater parks I have ever paddled. It has multiple features for different water levels and skill levels. The Rodeo was held on the last feature which is a big deep hole with big air a given with every plug! Jackson Kayak was well represented by Cody, Wyoming boaters. Ed Conning from Cody, Wyoming paddling his brand new Red Rock Star Medium, Jared Ready from Riverton, Wyoming in his Rock Star, myself in my white Rock Star Large, and many other great boaters. We started out with the kayak rodeo, then the two boater-cross races in creek boats and play boats respectively, and we finished it off with the hooligans’ race, which just had one rule (NO SPRAY SKIRT ALLOWED). We had a lot of fun, great day with great people; I look forward to the Casper Rodeo in the future.

Here are some of the results:




1st Place Nathan Werner Colorado

2nd Place Jared ready Riverton, Wyoming

3rd Place Jake Skeen Cody, Wyoming

Senior Class

1st Place Ed Conning (2nd overall) Cody, Wyoming

Amateur Class

2nd Wes McCue Cody, Wyoming

3rd Ethan Slight Cody, Wyoming

Down River Playboat Boater Cross

1st Place Jared Ready Riverton, Wyoming

2nd Place Ed Conning Cody, Wyoming

3rd Place Randy Binder Cody, Wyoming