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After The Teva Mountain Games it was off to Lyons, CO for the Lyons Outdoor Games!  Luckily, the water came up a lot so we had a awesome hole!  Unfortunately, I came down with a sinus infection the day before the competition, but luckily after lots of rest, I was able to get better.

Podium at Lyons Outdoor Games

On competition day I had a quick session in the morning and then watched the cadets who were separated into 2 holes, some in A hole and some in Black bear hole. All of the cadets did great!  Right after cadets were jr. women. The order was Rowan Stuart (who surprised us with a entry move!), Lauren Burress, Anna Schehrer, and then me!  On my first ride, I had a Felix (thanks Claire), spacegodzillas both ways (thanks Teddy Bear), a loop, and spins.  My second ride was my best ride I had everything I had I had on my first ride + my other felix. For my third ride I was able to get a loop, spacsegodzilas, and a felix.  After the judges calculated the scores, Anna was 4th, Rowan was 3rd, Lauren was 2nd, and I was 1st.


  A few hours after the freestyle it was off to slalom. Scott Shipley had set up a great course! On my k1 run, I flipped, but was able to quickly recover and I had a better 2nd run. In my C1, I was able to get all of the gates, for my first time!  Thanks to everybody who helped make this a great competition, and thank you, the town of Lyons, for supporting the event!

Raft Rodeo, Scout, Kelsey, Sage, Sage and Anna

Following Lyons, we drove to Salida, CO for The Fibark Boat Races. It was pretty low water but everybody helped and we made a BIG wall to divert the water which made the hole a lot better. I was asked by some of my friends to be in the raft rodeo with them before the competitions and I had a BLAST! It was super fun jumping from raft to raft and we all were laughing so hard we were crying!
Saturday was competition day and first up was slalom. As usual, Mark Poindekster set up a fun but challenging course. I had two great K1 and C1 runs and managed to have the top Cadet time in K1! A little while later was the freestyle! I had some okay rides but the hole was tricky and in the end my friend Anna Schrerer was 4th, I was 3rd, Rowan Stuart was 2nd, and Lauren Buress was 1st. Good job everyone and thanks to everyone who helped put on the event!

Teaching kids to roll

The next day we started out with teaching three kids how to roll in a pool in Buena Vista, Co, (they all did great)! then we started driving to Missoula, MT! My mom and dad were awesome driving all night and getting us there the next day. After we had parked, I geared up and went boating. Brennan’s Wave was awesome, and it was so fun to be spoiled with high water! I also was able to paddle with the Zootown surfers, the local Missoula, Mt kids kayaking club-there are a lot of kids in it and I had a lot of fun on the Blackfoot River surfing the Ledge Hole. I also tried my Zen 55 and my new Lightning bent shaft paddle for the first time-both are awesome!

Zootown Surfers

After several hard but fun days of practice it was time! On the first day we had prelims and I managed to get a great wave ride with shuvits, spins, and front and back roundhouses, and I ended up in 1st, Anna Scherer was 2nd, Lauren Burress was 3rd, and Haley Staurt was 4th. The next day we reseeded so I was the final competitor and was able to watch everyone elses ride before I went. It was a very flushy wave that day so I was very connservative and managed to get my same ride and ended up in 1st, followed by Lauren, Anna and Haley. This event was also the National Point Series final and I was 2nd behind Lauren coming into Montana, but this event was worth 2 so I also ended up the Point Series Jr. Women’s champion! After it was over, we walked our dogs to the Big Dipper ice cream shop for some of the most awesome ice cream I have ever tasted. If you are in Missoula, be sure to stop by Strongwater Kayak and Surf Shop, the Big Dipper, and my new favorite gluten free pizza at BigA’s Pizza, all within walking distance of where we were camped in downtown Missoula. Good job every one and thanks to Strongwater and Luke and KB for the awesome event!

Brennan's Wave, MT

I am currently in Cascade, ID. getting ready for the Kelly’s Whitewater Park National Championship July 7 and 8th – wish me luck!


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