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Today was a long day of competing, watching, concerts, fireworks, and general fun in the sun here in Cascade, Idaho home of Kelly’s Whitewater Park on the North Fork of the Payette River.    It is 11pm and I am just getting into the RV after a big day.   The fireworks just wrapped up, which were short, but very impressive for a small town like this and for a whitewater kayaking event it was the best I have ever seen.   The sun beat down all day with highs in the upper 80’s today.    The competition started with the Cadets (under 14) and then the Juniors, and then the Open classes and wrapped up with the Women’s and then Men’s Pro classes.    There was a SUP event at the end as well which added to the fun factor for everyone.

I didn’t take many photos as I left my camera on last night and drained the batteries by accident!   However, there will be photos to be seen soon!   Three out of the top 5 cadets had the last name of Kellogg, which was so cool to see that family dominate like that!   Awesome!

Dane Jackson and Jason Craig came off of being juniors last year to take 1st and 2nd in the Men’s Pro classes in the prelims today, very cool (Jason overcame much more than just being young this past year as well!!!)

There were some awesome rides in the ladies classes today.  Emily dominated with some sweet McNasties, big air loops, helix, flip turns, back pan ams, etc. etc..   1300 points for two rides today!      Aaron Clancey had some huge loops, as did Devon Barker and Haley Mills.    It was super fun to watch!

I have attached the results here…compliments of  the KWP organizing committee.

USA National Freestyle Kayak Championships- Prelims Results

Tomorrow we have Semi-finals and then Finals!    There is prize money on the line:

Men’s class is:

1st $3,000

2nd $2,500

3rd $2,000

4th $1,500

5th $1,000

More importantly, the title for National Champion is up for grabs!   I don’t want to give that title up this year… Can I keep it?   We’ll see soon enough!   Lots of tough competition, starting with my own son who seems to really want it for himself!