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The Devils River is a special place to me, it claims more of my fishing days than any other body of water. This trip included myself, Dr. Clayton Vandergriff from Dallas, Ross Cox and Jake Quine from Midland. Clayton and I have done the Devils together before but this would be the first Devils overnight trip for the two Pecos River veterans, Jake and Ross. During this trip, we would spend 3 nights, 4 days, and cover 25 miles of one of the most beautiful river systems in the great state of Texas.

March 22nd found us on the water and headed down stream in near 80*F temperatures. The largemouth bass could be found on their spawning beds in 3-4 foot of water in grass flats and under the protection of overhanging limbs. Standing in my Coosa by Jackson Kayak made it much easier to find the bedded bass in the clear water.

As you make your way down from Bakers Crossing, the water transitions from near Guadalupe River looking water with visibility near 4 feet, to the more well known ultra clear water of the lower Devils where you can see down 20 feet deep. The best fishing day we had of all was on day #3 where we caught 2 citation sized smallmouth of 20”, the heaviest one being 4 lbs 1 oz. It was on this day, below Three Tier Falls where I saw two near 10 lb stripers cruising together as if they owned the river. Unfortunately, I was not able to draw a strike from either of them.
The fishing on this trip was as it was supposed to be, secondary to the camaraderie experienced by four friends. Here are some more pictures from our trip.

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Brady Sullivan