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EJ Surfing the Fun

Weird Title, missed the Fun 1.5 in it, but with six sizes of this model, the most in any model in history, everyone can have Fun.    Watching the Kellogg Kids in their Fun 1’s reminds me of when I got Dane paddling in his Fun1 and with another guy here at KWP paddling his 4 Fun around and surfing, squirting, and learning to play boat and river run I figured I should put a shout out to this game changing kayak.

How many people have learned to paddle in the Fun Series?    How many kids learned in a Fun 1 and are now to paddlers?     Just in this USA competition for Freestyle we have Jason Craig, Lauren Burress, Dane Jackson all leaning in the the Fun 1 and all now World Champions.

When Nick Troutman, Joel Kowalski, and I ran the Niagara Gorge we took the Funs down because we wanted something that handled big water, really big water, and that we could correct, roll, turn, and surf easy on demand to get from the top to the bottom of the 30 MPH 1.5 mile long main rapid.

Things that I love about the Fun:

1.  Lightweight-  2 Fun is only 27 pounds… Fun is only 29.5, etc.. (fun 1 is now only 18 pounds!)

2 Easy to roll- user friendly- learn to paddle, roll, and then be play boating in now time!   Or just get the best of a play boat and still runt the river if you are already an experienced boater.

3. comfortable- perhaps the most comfortable boat ever designed, the Fun series sacrifices nothing and gives you everything- paddle all day.


Here is the link to the promo video we made for the Fun- in the first week it came out, the new design…


Remember- “Have Fun!”