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People have asked me for years. Jeremy, Why do you like teaching kids. There are so many reasons why but some quick that come to mind?
1. They listen better than adults
2. Kids have natural trust so they will try anything.
3. They train you.
4. They set up all the video equipment.
5. You get to hear show us how it is done and then you fail.
6. We all practice our McNothings together.
7. Finally someones brain works like yours
8. Because all else kids get so much gratitude from your actions as an adult. So take the kids when you can and inspire them to grow up with proper river karma and it will one day come full circle when your kids are growing and the kids you used to take all of a sudden are teaching your kids. Recently I did a class at the Jewish Community Center with alot of kids. We practice wet exits, paddle strokes, and edging. As for tradition, we did our annual race to crown the champion. The champion actually looks very similar to a Team Jackson Member. HHHMMMM….. Hope to see everyone on the river soon and understand why there are 20 reasons.

Jeremy Adkins

p.s. Stay tuned for more