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Where were you 22 years ago? Well, there is nothing like getting an email that brings up what you might have been doing. Here is a email that I got today reminding me of why I still paddle. The passion has never left and doing goofy stuff when I was 10 and doing goofy stuff now is just the same. Famous words of Alabama paddlers, “I think I can…….at this rapid? Here are some photos from over the years of paddling that I have collected including my first swim. Nothing like having a picture of your Dad’s friends trying to deckdance instead of getting me out of the rapid. So enjoy and think about where you were 22 years ago and where the kids you inspire will 22 years from. The only to get them there is take them to the river. Enjoy and EJ if you read this please post a picture of where you were 22 years ago.



Here is the email I received that brought back all my memories:

Is there any chance you might be THE Jeremy Adkins from south Alabama.

If so, I paddled with you and your dad as a member of the Tri-State Paddlers club when you were maybe 10 years old.

Just curious and wanted to catch up with some of the old paddling gang.

I remember you were really young then and your body flexibility used to piss us old guys off.

Example: When you were practicing your roll, you would invert and just stay there for maybe 15 seconds, then your head would pop up above the water and to get a breath of air, and sometimes carry on a conversation before trying to roll up.

Good memories.  Thanks for the reply