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The Bow river has seen unusually high water levels this year due to the long spring runoff not to mention what seems like nonstop thunder storms through June and July. This left the river water murky and a little too fast for premium fishing conditions but in turn left the Bow River’s inhabitants pretty hungry. With the recent drop in water levels and rise in water clarity leading to what should be great trout fishing conditions the Bow River was calling my name and as luck would have it I was able to book a couple back to back days on the lower Bow. My hunch was correct and I proceeded to have two of my best days fishing this season.

I had great weather on both days .On the first day I decided to float from Mckinnon flats to Carseland, about a 6 hr drift, For the most part ,due to my early start, I didn’t run into many other anglers which is rare this time of year but which allowed me to spend quality time at some of the new holes formed after the run off for a little R and D. The fish were hitting all day putting me well into the 20’s catch wise and as far as the quality of fish went I couldn’t have been happier. Most were of fair size in the 12” to 15’’ range with a good half dozen measuring in at 18” to 22” and almost all had pretty impressive acrobatic displays. I hooked into most of the bigger bows in the slower back channels so for day two I chose a shorter float ,leaving from Janzen’s Island and again ending in Carseland, allowing myself more time on those slack water sections of the river.

Day two started out about the same as day one landing a 18’’ Bow within the first 2o minutes leaving me to believe it was going to be another epic day. Although I probably caught more fish the second day I didn’t get into the 20 plus inchers I had hooked into the day before. That said there was no shortage numbers wise and as fishing goes it was definitely a win. It was a great reminder of why it is my favourite local river to float. I’m already planning my next float down the Bow River and I can’t wait.

Stephen Laurie