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Beginning of summer 2012 Since the summer has started, I have spent a lot of time kayaking in Alabama and North Carolina with Hunter and other friends.


Beginning of summer 2012
Since the summer has started, I have spent a lot of time kayaking in Alabama and North Carolina with Hunter and other friends. I started off by visiting Hunter and going to the Chatahoochee River Whitewater Park that separates Columbus, Georgia from Phenix City, Alabama. The upcoming whitewater park is part of the Chatahoochee River Whitewater Project which involves the removal of 2 dams. Removing the dams will restore the natural rapids hidden under flatwater for over 100 years. Along with the removals, there will be manmade river features including a wave shaper. So far half of the first dam has been removed and a wall has been built down the middle of the river diverting water and allowing work on the wave shaper and other rapids. Before half the dam was removed, there were about 100 yards of rapids below the dam, which were separated by large islands. The biggest rapid was called Cut-Bait, and since the removal of half the dam and the building of the diversion wall all the water has been directed down Cut-Bait making a GIANT big class rapid! So we spent most of our time playing on world class 15 foot tall waves, huge beatdown holes, and running the biggest rapid in the Southeast, CUT-BAIT. But there aren’t only giant river features, there are other amazing holes like Sick Nasty and Chopping that allow you to do any hole trick, and small class 2 wave trains and holes for new paddlers. Above Cut-Bait there are a few really good holes, including Buckle Up and Click-It-or-ticket where we spent a lot of time and made some videos. Just don’t miss your role more than twice or you will be going down Cut-Bait. Heres a video of Buckle Up that I made–Chatahoochee Whitewater Park- Buckle Up–and here is a video of a lot of the holes I mentioned made by Davis Moers–Chattahoochee Kayaking–

Not only does the Chatahoochee have world class rapids, it’s located right in the middle of  the growing city of Columbus, Georgia. So right after you get done paddling your right in the middle of a city with plenty of restaurants and things to do after you finish kayaking. The project will bring many new businesses and restaurants to the city. When the whitewater project is completed, the Chatahoochee will be the longest stretch of urban whitewater in the world! One more thing about the Chatahoochee is it runs EVERY SINGLE DAY, even during a drought! Call 706-317-6000 and listen for North Highlands Dam for the flow. Come down and paddle it yourself!

After a few days on the Hooch, we headed over to the Coosa River Whitewater Festival in Wetumpka, Alabama. The festival has been going on since the 70s at the Moccasin Gap rapid on the Coosa River. The big island in the middle of the river separates the small side of the gap from the big
side. The size of the island allows there to be many spectators, along with food, speakers for music, and even a 15 foot tall tower for the judges.
There are plenty of different events for all types of paddlers, like the classic ender competition, the sit-on-top race, sit-in and sit-on-top freestyle, and king of the wave. The judges at the festival look for a mix
of old school tricks and new school tricks. So in order to win you need to some style tricks like grabs and paddle twirls, with some old school cartwheels, and new school tricks like loops and mcnastys! I placed first
in Juniors with some paddle twirls, cartwheels, and  loops. Hunter finished first in Pro with paddle twirls, loops, cartwheels, and mcnastys. After the competitions everyone gathers around the stage for food, bands, raffles, and the awards. Check out for info on the festival. Come down next year!

Several days after the Coosa River Whitewater Festival we headed up to North Carolina to play in the new NOC wave. We go there at about 1 on Thursday and played in the wave the rest of the day. I like the new hole so much because you can paddle up from really far behind it, but it still has the power for you to do every trick. After we played we went back to the campsite and slacklined! That night I couldn’t sleep so I just thought,” Might as well call and see if Eternity Hole is running.” I had never been before, and I knew it usually doesn’t run during the day in June, but it turned out it was running the next afternoon! So in the morning we woke up and went to the NOC to play there the first half of the day. Eternity turned on at 4, so at about 2 we got out and packed up for the 1 hour drive. I just left my gear on! When we arrived at Eternity I got out my boat and then realized I didn’t have my helmet. I left it at NOC, but luckily I had a 30 year old duck bill WW helmet in my gear bag! Anyways, Eternity Hole was amazing! I just wish I wouldn’t have been so tired from the NOC wave earlier in the day. After Eternity hole we went back to our campsite and slacklined even more! Everything was the same at our camp except there was a giant group of boy scouts shooting off fireworks and playing hide-and-seek. So we were sitting around the campfire and heard someone sprinting, we turned around and was a boy scout running full speed straight towards the slackline! The slackline took out his legs and he faceplanted right in front of us! It was by far the best fall we had seen the whole trip! The next day we went to the NOC one more time before heading back, and I found my helmet! It was a really fun trip and I will hopefully be up at the Ocoee and Nantahala more this summer! Here is my video of the whole beginning of summer including the Chatahoochee, NOC wave, and Eternity hole!–Beginning of summer paddling– Hope you like it!
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