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…and the Cuda 12 wins!

Well, it has been an eventful couple days in filming the promo video for the new Cuda 12.  If you haven’t heard, we, at Jackson, recently partnered up with GoPro to include GoPro mounts right into the kayaks.  Yes, no more drilling and some of the best spots to film are already picked out for you making capturing your on-water moments a lot simpler.  Well, in celebration of the new GoPro partnership Brooks Beatty and I decided to shoot the entire promo video in GoPro!  For audio I plugged in a mic to a GoPro and tucked that GoPro in the back of my pants to conceal it (trust me, you don’t want to see that footage) and attached the mic to my lapel. On another scene we put the mic on the boat to get cool river audio, and lo and behold the mic must have got wet and we only ended up with have half the audio from the trip!!!!!  Urggghh!

We’ll be out there again on early next week to finish up the video, but I had such a good time in the Cuda 12 that I couldn’t wait until Monday to take it out again! I haven’t been on a solo trip in quite some time and felt it was time for me to just get away and do some real fishing.  I still brought GoPros of course but this was mainly a Saturday afternoon trip for me to enjoy some time on the water without thinking about anything but fishing!  I also wanted to see how the Cuda 12 performed on a river trip where I floated down about a mile and a half

through some rapids/shoals and then paddled back up the swift water.Well, needless to say it was the perfect boat for this trip.  The Coosa would have worked well, especially on the way down, but the Cuda 12’s extra speed helped me get back up a lot easier.

The day was full of a lot of nice bass caught, including one that went somewhere between 6.5 and 7lbs!  Also got several in the 3-4lb range.  All in all it was a good half day on the water and the pictures definitely say it all!  I already love my Cuda 12 and can’t wait to see what other adventures it takes me on, in rivers, lakes and the salt!

I can’t wait to see everyone havin a great time in the Cuda 12 like I did today! Check out all of the days photos below in the slide show to see what I mean!