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I tend to trail run a lot and am always worried about running into bears while in Grand Teton Park. They say whenever you’re in the park you are always within 1 mile of a grizzly. So needless to say when I showed up to the Bear River release sponsered by none other than American Whitewater, I wasn’t thinking about being scared of bears. As usaul I have my wingman Eric Seymour with me as we put on this class 3/4 river with one 4+ named boo boo. We are testing out the fun runner and also brought our Rockstar to add a little spice.

We had a great first run and decided to go for a second. We switched boats and proceeded down stream. Boo Boo is the bigger rapid on this run it has a nasty top hole that you skirt on the left, then follow the tongue in the steep follow up 1/4 mile boulder garden. We had both just paddled it fine and we were all smiles paddling into the rapid for the second time. Eric was on me tight to film as we paddled. As I get to the steep Colorado runout I get flipped and after a bunch rolls in and out of holes I swim. As always your bond to your friends becomes even tighter when you get in trouble. As I am getting slaughted in the steep, shallow, rocky bottom, Eric paddles up next to me. He looks at me and then asked “what the hell are you doing?” Not really in the mood for a conversation, I dismiss him and get down to the freestyle stroke to get out of the river. I let everyone know I am good and start walking down to where the boys chased my gear. I approach only to see Eric with an ear to ear grin, he looks at me and then says “I am so happy!” First day out this year and I got bit off by the Bear, good times. Happy paddling!

Gary Edgeworth