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Ive been looking to get back into kayaking for 3 years now and I love to fish. I wanted a yak that would combine the two sports I enjoy. Finally after hours of searching different kayak pics videos and web sites I stumbled across the Coosa. It was love at first site, I didnt even have to sit on, touch, or see it in person to instantly know it was perfect. I was a whitewater kayaker for years and it was fun to get wet again. After hours of fishing i truly felt like i had been lounging on a lawn chair. So much so I forgot about balance. Despite my disregard for balance the Coosa is a very stable yak, and can turn on a dime at will. The storage is nicely placed and the different rod stagers work wonders. After seeing my new Coosa and drooling over it three of my friends couldnt resist purchasing one for themselves . We will never look back. A big thanks from all of us to Jackson Kayak and Drew Gregory.

Sincerely Mike Britt