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Since receiving my cuda in early May 2012 I have been putting it through the test. This past Sunday brought me to the conclusion that the Cuda is no doubt an impressive salt water fishing platform.

Sunday June 3rd 2012 a buddy and I set out at 6am for Port Monmouth New Jersey. A good kayak drop in for Fluke (summer flounder) fishing. Met another kayak angler there whom I have known for years but never had the chance to fish with him. We all pulled our boats off our vehicles and rigged up for a nice day of fishing. The tide had just started to run out. Perfect time for Fluke Fishing. The forecast was calling for strong winds around noon time. But it was 7:30 AM.

After drop in it seemed the conditions were deteriorating. We were about a mile out and the winds were getting stronger out of the Northwest. Now we are about 1.5 miles off the beach and in about 11 feet of water dropped our lines in figuring we will drift over to the Belford channel. That we did fast. Fished for about an hour and a half in these conditions. Had to fight the wind to get a snag free. Turned out to be too fast to drift and hold bottom for flounder so went in closer to the beach to give it a shot there. Same strong wind. The three of us decided to call it a day except we had 2 miles of paddling back into the drop in directly into the wind. This was where I was most impressed. My old boat going straight on into wind like this i would have so much water over the bow it would actually hit me in the chest. With the Cuda its no problem along with its enhanced stability and speed! I had the boat at 3.2 – 3.4 MPH for a few minutes paddling directly into 15 – 20 kt winds. Didnt take that long to get back. The Cuda was the first to reach the beach. The other 2 guys i was out there with reached the beach a few mins after i did and commented wow thats a fast boat. Indeed it is! Great work Jackson on the Cuda. I would recommend this boat to anyone who wants to fish saltwater from a kayak or a paddler whom likes the sit on top style.

Matt Trucks
‘Yak Chum’
Jackson Kayak Fishing Team