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Peter Lataille and I took out the Duo just after it arrived in Maine last late winter at Blue Hill falls and had a blast. It was the only boat we had out of four that with it’s length and hull speed would surf the wave consistently that day.

Flash forwards to this summer and I have been in the boat maybe six times so far and find that it is so much fun.

Zack and I have raced it down the Kennebec River in the K-Bomb race and despite been gassed out from a previous run we did well.

Nick and I took it out on the Kennebec and laughed the whole time and offered the Duo up to Taylor and JCass and they torn it up!

We also ran Gorge/Crib and found the boat to bust through everything, roll easy and surf well too.

It is very exciting to kind of re-invent kayaking through the Duo and challenge yourself and friends to a new way to enjoy the river. When paddling with different people in the Duo everything changes from person to person.

Everyone is focused in on how it rolls and I think it rolls back up pretty easy even when the front paddler has no idea of how to roll. If they can tuck forward I have had success rolling the Duo by myself.

If your paddling partner does have a roll the Duo comes up fast and confident. Zack said he would wait to feel the boat begin too roll and then start his roll. The boat rights itself quickly then.

One thing about rolling though is the boats secondary stability offers so much resistance to getting knocked over that rolling in whitewater disappears to the back of your mind. Paddling, surfing and tearing around in a fast, long boat is paramount to anything else.

Try it out and see………..