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Like the women’s final day, men’s consisted of two runs a semis in the morning (again), Joaquim Fontane from Catalonia and Canadian youth and newly crowned Canadian champ, Adam Chappel.  There was no holding back as the air screws, space godzillas, phonix monkey’s and even tricky woos showed up.  Dane stepped up to the throw down a first ride of 973 making his presence known immediately.  Peter Csonka quickly stepped up with a first ride score of 760 but clearly looking like he was on his game this day.  Eric Jackson showed his continual strength on his home wave with a 633 before flushing early. Some of the mainstays on today’s modern podiums missed the cut including Nick Troutman of Canada having two sub 600 rides and Stephen Wright with a top ride of 530 a mere 50 points beyond that last spot for the finals.

The finals saw Dane, Peter, Joaquim, Adam and EJ lining up in the eddy to throw down.  Again Dane hit his high score on his first ride a 755, a good 180 points below his best ride of the Cup stop.  Joaquim impressed everyone with his agressive and colorful style flashing his carbon boat around with determination, finishing with a high score of 728.  But the ride of the day for the finals was from the veteran Peter Csonka who recorded a final ride of 916!  Sadly he had to wait for Dane’s last ride.  A very audible sigh released as Dane flushed early in his last ride scoring only 471 points giving Peter a key victory.  Super exciting finish!

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