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The final day saw the OC1 top 5 men competing for the first World Cup finals straight after the women’s semis.  The rides were lower in scoring as open boats will always take gentle set ups and lots of surfing before any moves.  Immediately all boaters cruised to blunts and roundhouses and the occasional loop attempt.  With open boats the flush was permanent and the best ride scored.

The final results came in with the 19 year old phenom Jordan Poffenberger taking home the victory with a great ride of 90 points at his last kick at the wave, Brad McMillan scoring a 60 followed in third by Seth Chappelle with 31 points just edging out Jeremy Laucks.  Great fun to watch the OC1 class!  Final Results:

  1. Jordan Poffenberger – 90
  2. Brad MMillan – 60
  3. Seth Chappelle – 31
  4. Jeremy Laucks – 30
  5. Dane Jackson – 30

The C1 semi’s had Dane in the field again with Jordan both at 19 years of age and Hunter Katich at the age of 16.  With a break between C1 and OC1 with a large men’s semi finals, the riders who competed in OC1 had an hour or so to relax the muscles… save Dane who competed in all finals!  With the single blades being used to full advantage for torque, there were some great loops and space godzillas from our contenders.  The final day for C1 included a semi final and final.  In the semis, Dane started off with a 415 score letting everyone know it was he you had to beat.  Philipp Hitzigath of Germany came in with a run of 200 to stick with Dane with all other scores below 120.  Jordan Poffenberger, youngster Hunter Katich in fourth and the following final spot went to Seth Chappelle.

In the C1 Finals Dane threw down the gauntlet with an opening ride of 483 and continued his three rides over the 300 mark, each score besting the rest of the field who didn’t manage to reach more than 288.

Final results:

  1. Dane Jackson – 483
  2. Jordn Poffenberger – 288
  3. Hunter Katich – 263
  4. Seth Chappelle – 263
  5. Philipp Hitzigrath – 0
  6. Brad McMillan
  7. Nicolas Fayol
  8. James Pope
  9. Jez Jez
  10. Eric Jackson
  1. Seth Chappelle -75
  2. Brad  McMillan – 60
  3. Jeremy Laucks -31
  4. Jordan Poffenberger -26
  5. Dane Jackson -23