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Today was the 2nd day of the 2012 World Cup Stage 1 in Rock Island. I started off in the morning doing squirt finals and took 2nd in that behind Clay Wright who had a 21 second mystery move. Nice one. And as soon as that was finished i ran down to make OC1 prelims. I hadn’t gotten to watch any of the other competitors I got in and it was my turn right away. I was in my OC1 Rockstar. I dropped in and my bow caught right away. Unfortunately didn’t get any points. Jordan Poffenberger and Jeremy Laucks both had nice rides with spins and roundhouses. As well as Brad McMillan. Luckily on my second ride i managed to stay in and get a roundhouse and a spin. BEAST!! I don’t know what place i came in prelims but it was fun. Immediately after that it went into C1 prelims. My dad got some nice loops, every else in our heat had some good moves as well. My first ride i only got a blunt and a loop but my second ride i managed to add both mcnasties to that. I was stoked with that. I hope to keep it going tomorrow. The second heat was great as well, Jordan Poffenberger had some nice mcnasties. Seth Chappele had some great moves. Everyone was really solid. The results after C1 prelims are-

  1. Seth Chappelle -75
  2. Brad  McMillan – 60
  3. Jeremy Laucks -31
  4. Jordan Poffenberger -26
  5. Dane Jackson -23
  6. Chris Noble – 20
  7. Jocob Ament- 10
  8. Eli Helbert- 6
  9. Benjain Trister -0
  10. Jez Jez – 0