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I am Hank Goodman from Austin TX and I am 13 years old. I have been kayaking for two years and summer is the only time I get to kayak. I have a Rockstar and it is the most amazing thing in the entire world. I am in love with it. I went to camp at the NOC camp last summer and rolled on my first try. A year later at the same camp I am doing all kinds of tricks. Stuff like loops, 360s, space godzillas, and cartwheels. I only get to kayak during the summer but my family has a cabin close to the Ocoee river. I ran the Ocoee several times trying to find the biggest waves to surf. I surfed there for hours but I still want more. I’m going to paddle to Gauley next summer and the Snake in Wyoming. I dream of surfing the sort of waves in Africa but I need people to paddle with. And I know because I have tried many other play boats that the Rockstar is far superior to any boat.