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On Saturday morning July 21st my wife Sarah and I left Big Eddy Campground after picking up fellow paddler Jane Koopman. Along with our dogs Rupert and Ranger we headed north on the Golden Road.

Our destination was the Kennebec River via the Moosehead Lake region for the first annual K-Bomb whitewater race. We of course had to stop at Jamison’s store in Greenville for an infamous turkey Dagwood!

We made it to the put-in just in time for the pre-race meeting with our boats and gear covered in a thick layer of dust from blasting over miles of dirt road.

The race was really hard work and really fun. I gassed out quickly but leaned into my paddle and got super pumped when I finally saw the finish line!

After we finished in the competitive class my friend Zack and I carried our boats up the 100+ stairs at Carry Brook and raced back up to the put-in to for one more lap in the Dynamic Duo. We put in with a minute and a half to spare before they called an end to racer starts!

Zack had one of the best individual times in the race and will be racing the Duo with me again this weekend on the Penobscot River for “The Race That Never Was”.

Congrats go out to Zack Disilvestro and Chris Hull who tied for first place in the Kennebec race. I can’t wait to throw down again this weekend on the West Branch!

Here is a link to information about the Send-It Whitewater racing series here in Maine………..