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I got to go on a three day trip with two of my best friends at the Coast in Texas. We spent three days fighting the winds and battling the heat in search of redfish. Friday afternoon we had to find a protected area from a map due to the wind. Although it was strong we were able to fish a shallow grass flat and I caught one redfish.

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We were fishing out of Big Tuna’s and one Coosa. I enjoyed the Tuna and am surprised at the speed for being such a large kayak. The weather was the same on Saturday so we fished the flat with no luck so we paddled into open water and fished a reef. I ended up catching two trout and Chuck caught a flounder.

Sunday morning we drove an hour and fished an area that was known for reds. It is a series of shallow lakes and i’m glad we went. The water was like glass and we chased schools of feeding reds until noon. Almost had a limit. Great time spent fishing and just hanging out with friends.

You can read more here as well as looking at more pictures.