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Decided to set a date and see if anyone wanted to fish a small little lake out near Farmersville, TX, called South Lake. Funny as the lake is on the South side of town, a good a name as any. I have been fishing this lake for a long time, and is a well kept secret spot of mine.

Decided to make it an early Saturday morning to miss some of the heat here in Texas. This time of year the normal highs for the day range over 100 degrees and makes it a little hot after 12:00 PM in open water.

Was pleasantly surprised at how many people showed up to fish this little lake. But if you look at some of the pictures below you can see why. The water is extremely clear, and this is saying something for Texas. The lake is filled with Lilly pads, reeds and Hydrilla. All of this keeps the water perfectly clean and clear.

My wife Jackie picked up a little visitor in her kayak, a Lizard (Miss Geico) as Jackie got the little gal out of the kayak all it wanted to do was get a drink off the paddle, as shown in the picture below.