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This time of year in Texas is a little warm to say the least, so you try and find places that have some clear deep water and do some practice reentries on the kayak to cool off while fishing. This month Jason O’Brian of the Jackson STAR team for a local dealer, Mountain Sports here in DFW area, decided to throw out a date and time. So the lake and time where set, Wheeler Branch on a Sunday morning.


I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people that showed up for the event. This lake is a long ways out of the DFW area, and is a all day commitment. But I was also surprised at how nice this place really was, water was clean, clear and cold. As always we had both fishing and paddlers at the event, but everyone has the same thing in common, the love for kayaks.


The day started out clear and no wind, this is not normal for Texas we always have some wind. The water was very clear, it was nice to be able to look down and see the fish swim by you. But at the same time, this is frustrating to see the fish and not be able to catch them.

This lake was small enough you could keep track of where everyone at all times. Made it nice to paddle through out the day to different groups and get a real chance to just relax and talk.


As the day went on a storm decided to roll in, first it was windy, then came the lightning. Texas is famous for the lightning, when it comes you get off the lake as this is the last place you want to be is in a kayak. Everyone made it off the lake before the storm, so all was good, everyone accounted for and safe.

It was still early so we decided to all go have a late lunch and tell of the best stories for the day. Naturally the fish were to big to get in, hence no pictures, and all the other stories you can imagine. The place we went to had an outside patio, this was very nice and added to the beautiful day. Everyone had to play musical chairs to move so the rain would not get all over you from the holes in the roof on the patio.

All in all it was a great day as always when you are out with friends paddling. This trip we were lucky to have professional photographer, Dustin Doskocil, with us and here is a link to some of the pictures of the event he took for us

Here is some of the pictures of the event, was a great time for everyone can not wait until the next outing.