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gopr0336The competition for the Women’s Class today was as nerve wrecking to watch as it was for them to compete.   The jitters is what I saw from so many of the competitors.    Getting a competition like this started in a spot with minimum training water is not easy.   There were lots of tough rides that resulted, but there were also some amazing rides being thrown as well!


The water level was consistent at 1,890 cfs and the hole was open for any move that can be thrown.     Unlike many holes, the hole at Rock Island plays a lot like a wave, and when people try Loops or Space Godzilla moves they often have a hard time getting their bow under water to initiate those moves.   The right hand blunt was a common move for the ladies today and there were some sweet ones thrown.   Japan’s Hitomi Takaku threw some night ones today!


Emily Jackson, from the USA, was in the first heat and had a 150 point ride on her first one and followed up with a 310 point ride to almost triple the second place score.     Adrienne Levkenecht, also from the USA, took the second spot with a sweet loop on each ride, which was eluding some of the best loopers.   Claire O’hara had some good variety in her first ride with a 110 point ride which pulled her through after the low scoring second ride.   Nina Csonkova only got 10 points on her first ride but came back with a loop androundhouse on her second ride.


Erin Clancey was 10th and last to make it.  She flushed right away on her first ride and then forgot to paddle back in at first, fist pumping and claiming the flush…. Then she remembered that she can get back into the hole before the time was up (about a 4 second brain fart) and she not only got back in at the buzzer, but she got the blunt at the buzzer that put her in finals!


First out was Jessie Stone, so close!    The top 10 women will be competing in Semi-finals tomorrow and their won’t be margin for today’s nervousness.   Typically the competitors rise up to the challenge and go for it as the cut from 10 to 5 isn’t easy.      It will be a good show!

Here is the schedule of events for the rest of the Weekend:

Saturday 10:00-5:00

Junior Men Prelims

Oc-1 Prelims

C-1 Mens Prelims

K-1 Men Quarter Finals

Junior Men Semi Finals

Losers Party at Cottons Marina in Rock Island, TN- 8pm- 1am

Team Leaders Meeting 7:30 – Cottons Marina

Sunday 10:00-5:00

K-1 Women Semi Finals

C-1 Men Semi Finals

Mens Semi Finals

Squirt Men Final

Squirt Women Finals

Oc-1 Finals

K-1 Junior Women Finals

K-1 Junior Men Finals

C-1 Finals

K-1 Women Finals

K-1 Mens FInals

Awards Party Foglight Foodhouse- Rock Island TN 7:00pm

EJ’s GoPro Pics
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