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Day 2 sees a bunch of preliminary rounds, Squirt started it all off.  With a cool format where squirt was the only event, the entire crowd headed to the island point on the Pigeon river for the men’s squirt preliminaries.  Both traditional squirt and playboat were present and the fun began with Joaquim and Bartosz, Tomasz in playboats and throwing ends like you wouldn’t believe.  The end of the day the traditional boyz brought it home with great mystery multipliers and Clay again with amazing downtime!


  1. Clay Wright – 1566
  2. Dane Jackson – 1516
  3. Bartosz Caauderna – 858
  4. Tomasz Chaplicki – 861
  5. Joaquim Fontane- 673
  6. Jeremy Laucks – 666
  7. Brian Jennings – 298

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